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Holiday Inn Panama City gets all new roomsThe Holiday Inn Panama City has updated and upgraded every aspect of the hotel, but most importantly, they’ve redone each of their 173 guest rooms!  This hotel has always provided a superior level of service, now they offer a superior guest room with all new modern furnishings and bathroom fixtures.

The guest rooms at this hotel were once home to a red bathtub and shower, old wicker furniture that provided little as far as comfort or function, and very dated looking carpets and window treatments.  Now the rooms have been completely remodeled and feature a number of amenities that make them a truly enjoyable place to stay.

“Our guest rooms prior to the renovation offered a specious and clean room, but that was about it.  The furniture was old, the fixtures were old, and the entire room felt dated.  We were aware that our rooms needed a little more than some TLC, they needed a full on renovation, and that’s just what we did.” Says Philip Colvin, Director of Marketing for the Holiday Inn Panama City.

The newly remodeled rooms offer guests modern furniture with clean lines, extra plush pillow top mattresses, and a much brighter and more enjoyable bathroom.  The new dresser furniture offers flexible functionality with a desk that can be pulled out to use while working, as well as tucked away to create more space when the desk is not needed, and new headboards come complete with built in LED reading lights. A comfortable chair and new carpets compliment the now modern look, and no matter what room type you’re in – King or Queen – feature a high quality plush pillow top mattress.

Even the bathroom experience at the Holiday Inn Panama City has been completely changed with white showers and tubs adorned with glass shower doors. All new sink vanities, tile flooring, mirrors, and amenities provide a spacious and enjoyable experience to guests getting ready for the day.

We made the guest room the top priority and paid attention to even the smallest details – like having the reading lights in the headboard or a tray that can be used to easily enjoy a meal while in bed.   All of our rooms still have a refrigerator and microwave, and are just as spacious – or even more so spacious – than ever, we just made that space more comfortable for our guests,”  says Colvin. “We’re very happy with the new look and feel of the guest rooms, and we’ve heard nothing but wonderful things from our guests about the transformation.

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