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New Rooms at the Holiday Inn Resort Panama City

The Holiday Inn Panama City is proud to announce they are officially under a $3 million renovation that will give the entire hotel a fresh new look and feel.  This project is a full relaunch of the hotel as it will be moving from the dated Select brand to a new standard of Holiday Inns.  Upon completion of the renovation the Holiday Inn will once again be the premier business hotel in Panama City for meetings and stylish accommodations.

Change will happen throughout the hotel, enriching the experience from the curb to the guest rooms with a new design that will be more inviting and make guests feel at home during their stay. Guests can expect to see various areas of the hotel being worked on throughout 2015, but the Holiday Inn team will continue to provide excellent service even during the renovation. The team wants their guests to experience more than a transaction for a room; they want their stay to have all the perks of a vacation while maintaining the comforts of home.

“We have taken the time to carefully choose our staff, making sure that each individual is pleasant and caring, just as you do when you choose your friends. This careful consideration doesn’t end with the staff; every detail has been thought through to make sure that each of the amenities offered are refreshing and relaxing. During this renovation process we will be enhancing our overall experience with every project we complete, all while maintaining the superior service you’ve come to expect from us. “ Says Jennine Brown, General Manager.

Change is already set in motion. Currently work is underway to renovate the meeting space, the exterior of the hotel, and a section of guest rooms. To minimize any guest disruption during this project the team is working hard to keep a separation between the work areas and the guests.

“We are very excited about the changes being made to our hotel,” says Brown, “guests that have been visiting us year after year will really appreciate the fresh new appearance of the guest rooms. We have had a few repeat guests stay in our model room and they all truly love the new look and feel of the room.”

Various areas of the hotel will be completed throughout this year, with the entire project is set to be completed in 2016. With the scale of the renovation being done it will be a lengthy project for the hotel but with their dedicated and excited team members, this hotel promises great things for their future guests.

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