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Hangar Bar at the Holiday Inn Panama City The Holiday Inn Select is re-launching to a new standard of modern Holiday Inns, and has been undergoing an entire hotel rejuvenation in that process to include the rooms, lobby, restaurant, and of course, the bar.

If you’ve stayed at the Holiday Inn Select in the past chances are that you’ve been to the Chances “R” Lounge – and there’s a good chance that if you saw it today you wouldn’t even recognize it!  The Holiday Inn Panama City is proud to present a fresh new cocktail lounge for their guests to enjoy, The Hangar.

The space previously known as the Chances “R” Lounge, which was designed around a classic 1847 Brunswick Style Lounge that featured an ornate old style wooden bar topped with an antique bar length set of paddle fans, has been completely transformed to a sleek and modern style and is now known as The Hangar.

The Hangar is quickly becoming a guest favorite at the Holiday Inn Panama City with its crisp, clean, comfortable décor.  This great lounge space features billiard tables and great food and drink specials.  Conveniently located near the front desk of the hotel, the lounge provides a convenient place for all guests to unwind at the end of the day.

“It’s quickly become a great gathering place for guests – whether they’re here on business or for a vacation, as it’s really a beautiful and comfortable setting to enjoy a favorite cocktail or casual bite to eat.” Says Jennine Brown, General Manager of the Holiday Inn Panama City.

The Hotel is excited about the change and has even more enhancements in the works for the new lounge.

“This update has taken a great deal of planning to complete the actual rejuvenation of the space” Says Brown,” but seeing how incredible it turned out and how much the guests enjoy it, this new lounge was truly worth the wait.”

This Holiday Inn has many guests that come to visit them year after year and the hotel team is anxious to see all their return guests to show off all the wonderful changes this hotel has been making in 2015.

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Hurricane Michael Update

Hurricane Michael was an incredibly destructive storm for the Panhandle of Florida and here at the Holiday Inn Panama City we felt the full force! Michael did his best on our 34-year-old building, but we have adopted a certain phrase you may be familiar with, “New Year, New You!

After the storm we had to completely gut the Holiday Inn Panama City down to the studs, so we really will be a new us in 2019! We are going to come back bigger, better, and more beautiful than we started out! You will have the same great customer service and we will be the premier hotel to stay when you come to Panama City.


We will be back open and look forward to serving you in May of this year.

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